Hi And Hello, Podcasters.

Until now, fans of the Daves Of Thunder podcast had to scour the dark web to listen to the podcast, see what the cast is up to or find out what was real and what wasn’t on the show. The purpose of this site is to provide one central unified resource for the monkeys and BTLs, members of The Feenster’s Union and The Shek Republic, lovers of spicy brown mustard and football pillows to easily access the podcast, rate and comment on individual episodes, and hopefully to share this time capsule with others.

I’ll definitely need some help with content; cast biographies, artwork, and to collect all of the songs from the show just to name a few. If you have anything to contribute you can email me at davesofthunder@heyjones.com.

In the words of Dave Dameshek… LET IT BEGIIIN!!!