The Daves send their well wishes to the patriarch of the Dameshek family Lee, discuss their plans for leaving the big blue marble and look further into Jacuzzi Pete’s shoebox¬†

Episode CXXXII

The Daves celebrate David Feeney’s birthday and get some stellar listener contributions in the form of song, voicemails and beyond

Episode CXXXI

The Daves join together for an action packed show including a Jerk List from Dameshek and Feeney brings back Jacuzzi Pete’s shoebox.

Episode CXXX

The Daves reunite to discuss Dameshek’s new venture, play another round of ‘Name That Whatever It Is’ and more

Episode CXXIX

David, Dave and Donovan go sans Gary who is suffering his relegation and they review BTL & Monkey submissions in a round of ‘Name That Whatever It Is’


David Feeney is displeased, Dave Dameshek debuts a new game, the guys weigh in on the Gary/Donovan relegation topic and much more

Episode CXXVII

The Daves reunite to discuss their 4th of July festivities, Donovan and Gary pitch some bit ideas and we get the finale of the Dan Penny/Jet Blue saga.

Episode CXXVI

Dave & Dave get back together to talk shared birthdays, answer some listener emails and get the penultimate installment of the Dan Penny JetBlue letters

Episode CXXV

The Daves recap their Father’s Day festivities, discuss some music and we review installment three of the Dan Penny letters

Episode CXXIV

The Daves recap Dameshek’s birthday trip with the family & we get the next installment of Feeney’s ‘Dan Penny’ letters.