Episode XXXVII

Mo stops by for another visit; Jacuzzi Pete phones in again and Dameshek has a brand new Jerk List: Antonio Cromartie, people who leave instructions on how to leave a message on their voicemail, David Feeney (2x), Blaster Girl. Get out of Jerk Free Card: Aluminum foil. Creep of the Week: David Feeney.

Episode XXXVI

Mo Dameshek pays a visit and winds up on a date with Feeney; plus, Jacuzzi Pete tries to make up for his absence with a lame phone-in bit.

Episode XXIX

When the Jacuzzi Pete Scandal comes to a head, the Daves turn to show matriarch Mo Dameshek to help heal the Daves of Thunder family’s wounds.

Episode XIV

The Daves call Mo Dameshek to confess to embarrassing sins; remembering Gary Coleman; plus, more hooey & applesauce.