Episode LIX

Today’s episode is on the road, as Dameshek and Jacuzzi Pete are en route to pick up Feeney at the car dealership. The guys chat about their delicious hamburger (and hot dog) lunch, and greet Feeney at their first stop. Feeney talks about Jennifer moving into his apartment, and teases Shek about one of his co-hosts on the NFL network. As JP makes his way to the grocery store, the guys catch up on their holiday breaks and consider how to make their show about more than just “nothing”. The guys also look around Pete’s car, and Feeney takes a look at JP’s grocery list, which turns out to be rather bizarre. While Pete’s at the store, Shek explains the way to make the perfect steak. The guys also chat about the embarrassment of buying tampons, and Feeney recalls getting attacked when he worked as a stock boy. Shek recalls his own experience fighting back against a bully, which thankfully didn’t result in him getting his ass kicked. The guys reflect on their Farmers Market episode, and Feeney’s drunken night that followed. Shek also reveals the only player he could think of that wore #59, and even though the Shekies aren’t until next week, Feeney announces his choice for best film of 2010. In the final moments of the show, the guys tease JP about joining the Muslim faith, and announce their predictions for the weekend’s NFL Playoff games.