Episode LVI

Feeney’s in studio for the second week in a row! Dameshek jumps right into the player who wore #56 best, and throws in a quick plug for the NFL Network. Shek also talks about an uncomfortable moment he had with Spider Salley, and Feeney makes an announcement regarding Christmas bonuses. Donovan and Doubleton are back, and even though Jacuzzi Pete is out sick, Blaster Girl Katie is filling in as producer. They still manage to get JP on the line, who’s sick as a dog and still getting complaints from his wife. Shek also lists his favorite free appetizers, and Feeny talks about a pizza recipe he created. The guys also discuss the results of the Best Trilogy poll, and bring up the best and worst moments from the Superman series.Wrapping up the show, at long last another installment of Double Ds… this time a medical drama entitled DR. Doubleton has taken acting lessons in advance of today’s presentation, which Shek ultimately declares a ‘deviant, macabre mess’.



Shek targets a surprising Creep of the Week; Feeney destroys a foe through poetry; the Double D’s continue to workshop their comedy; and Cioffi fills Jacuzzi Pete’s chair with the help of two new “friends”.