Episode L

The Daves anticipate fireworks on the occasion of their golden show, plus Dave reveals a new Jerk List: Jacuzzi Pete, David Feeney, drivers who pick their nose, T.J. Brodie (2 times). Get out of Jerk Free Card: T.J. Brodie. Creep(s) of the Week: Mike Cioffi, Kyle.

“Shek and Mo” (Extended Version)

Courtesy Bindledog Productions

Episode XXXVII

Mo stops by for another visit; Jacuzzi Pete phones in again and Dameshek has a brand new Jerk List: Antonio Cromartie, people who leave instructions on how to leave a message on their voicemail, David Feeney (2x), Blaster Girl. Get out of Jerk Free Card: Aluminum foil. Creep of the Week: David Feeney.

Episode XXIII

The Daves of Thunder family celebrates the 4th of July with a barbeque; staff voice messages are exposed and Shek patriotically lays waste to ne’er-do-wells with a Jerk List. Jerk List: Human babies, first person who put R.I.P. on a tombstone, people who work H.R. on tv and movie police departments, Americans who compared US soccer World Cup run to the 1980 US hockey team Get out of Jerk Free Card: Dove, American public who didn’t buy Dove soap Creep of the Week: Ghana and New Zealand soccer team names


Episode V

Feeney pens Dameshek’s obituary; Shek tells his X-rated story of The Sea; The Daves debate the worst superhero; and an emotionally powerful Jerk List targets Adam Carolla. Live broadcast via ustream on March 27. Jerk List: Producer Katie, sending condolences via Twitter/Facebook/MySpace, people who declare Lost to be the greatest television show ever, those who hate David Feeney and/or Daves Of Thunder, David Feeney, pious mediaGet out of Jerk Free Card: Dave’s brother in law, Eddie, Tiger WoodsCreeps Of The Week: Adam Carolla, Dan Dratch.


Episode II

The second episode of the still unnamed Dave & Dave show is here. Take a listen and sound off about the name you think it should have. Plus, the Jerk List.Jerk List: The Weez, TGI Fridays, guys who get angry at other guys who look at their ladies, Dave Dameshek’s jeansGet out of Jerk Free Card: Dave DameshekCreep of the Week: Women who don’t turn down guys by saying, “I have a boyfriend”