Episode L

The Daves anticipate fireworks on the occasion of their golden show, plus Dave reveals a new Jerk List: Jacuzzi Pete, David Feeney, drivers who pick their nose, T.J. Brodie (2 times). Get out of Jerk Free Card: T.J. Brodie. Creep(s) of the Week: Mike Cioffi, Kyle.

“Shek and Mo” (Extended Version)

Courtesy Bindledog Productions


Shek targets a surprising Creep of the Week; Feeney destroys a foe through poetry; the Double D’s continue to workshop their comedy; and Cioffi fills Jacuzzi Pete’s chair with the help of two new “friends”.

Episode XXVIII

In the most heart-wrenching Daves of Thunder yet, the Daves try to move forward without Jacuzzi Pete by taking the show to an old pal’s studio and wind up analyzing “Revenge of the Nerds” and “Happy Days”; also, Feeney shares a disturbing secret tale about Jacuzzi Pete.