Episode CXXIII

The Daves reunite to celebrate a very special birthday, Donovan writes a song and David Feeney goes on another of his famous letter writing campaigns.

Episode CXXII

The Daves discuss their Little League experiences, revisit some of Feeney’s infamous letters as a tease to some new correspondence coming next week and more

Episode CXXI

Dave & Dave reunite to talk The Last Dance, Shek’s Mix and much more

Episode CXX

David & Dave reunite to talk Mother’s Day, Hollywood, Shek’s Feuds and more. They also do a round of ‘Let’s Read Dameshek’s Tweets’. Enjoy!

Episode CXIX

The Daves talk some sports in the news they missed regarding 12 & 8, settle some hash from their text conversations and welcome some BTLs/Monkeys to recreate a scene from Tarantino’s latest film

Episode CXVIII

The Daves reunite over Zoom to catch up on 19, Donovan writes a special song in honor of the occasion and much much more.

Episode CXVII

The Daves give an update on Feeney’s back and forth with his old friend Tim including a possible olive branch on Tim’s part and answer some listener questions in a round of Q & Daves

Episode CXVI

The Daves pay off Feeney’s cliffhanger hospital story from last week’s episode, hear a listener song and Dave Dameshek hands out some 2019 Sheky Awards

Episode CXV

The Daves return and discuss their holiday seasons, movies they’ve seen over the break and some big news from Donovan.

Episode CXIV

Dave Dameshek is joined by an irate David Feeney as they recap the Thanksgiving they spent together including some clips from the night and a listener submitted song.