Episode XI

The Daves mark the anniversary of ‘Star Wars’ with some gentle complaints and celebrate Mothers Day with a visit from Mo Dameshek during a special edition of Listener Mail; plus, a ‘Star Wars’-centric Jerk List, a futuristic #1 Sports, a musical Hollywood Minute and a new Land of the Fox Showdown.Jerk List: David Feeney, Adam Carolla and other people who think they’ve seen Star Wars but can’t remember, Jacuzzi Pete (2x), Academy AwardsGet out of Jerk Free Card: Dave and Dave’s mothers, Bill Robinson, Jacuzzi PeteCreep of the Week: George Lucas

Episode V

Feeney pens Dameshek’s obituary; Shek tells his X-rated story of The Sea; The Daves debate the worst superhero; and an emotionally powerful Jerk List targets Adam Carolla. Live broadcast via ustream on March 27. Jerk List: Producer Katie, sending condolences via Twitter/Facebook/MySpace, people who declare Lost to be the greatest television show ever, those who hate David Feeney and/or Daves Of Thunder, David Feeney, pious mediaGet out of Jerk Free Card: Dave’s brother in law, Eddie, Tiger WoodsCreeps Of The Week: Adam Carolla, Dan Dratch.