Episode XII

The Daves throw on a drunk at their beloved Farmers Market, where the origins of the podcast first took root a decade ago.

Episode XI

The Daves mark the anniversary of ‘Star Wars’ with some gentle complaints and celebrate Mothers Day with a visit from Mo Dameshek during a special edition of Listener Mail; plus, a ‘Star Wars’-centric Jerk List, a futuristic #1 Sports, a musical Hollywood Minute and a new Land of the Fox Showdown.Jerk List: David Feeney, Adam Carolla and other people who think they’ve seen Star Wars but can’t remember, Jacuzzi Pete (2x), Academy AwardsGet out of Jerk Free Card: Dave and Dave’s mothers, Bill Robinson, Jacuzzi PeteCreep of the Week: George Lucas

Episode X

The Daves celebrate reaching ten episodes by picking up audio Jacuzzi Pete previously left on the cutting room floor; also, the new segment “Jacuzzi Thoughts” is introduced; plus, Listener Mail.

Episode IX

Feeney depicts how things might’ve gone had it been Dameshek instead of Roethlisberger in that Georgia college bar; the Daves hear from a grumpy Mel Kiper Jr at the NFL Draft; Jacuzzi Pete reads some fan mail; and the return of the classic gameshow “Who Did Mitchell Masturbate To?”

Episode VIII

Dameshek and Feeney visit Jacuzzi Pete in his natural habitat: his Jacuzzi. While visiting, the Daves try a new game show to help resolve marital strife in the Jacuzzi home.

Episode VII

Feeney returns with a chip on his shoulder and a stack of drunken emails from Jacuzzi Pete. Also, the fellas introduce an instructional tool for single people, “The Audio Blind Date”. Live video broadcast on April 10.

Episode VI

With Feeney back east, Dameshek tries to settle a domestic dispute between Jacuzzi Pete and his wife; also, a visit from beloved listener The Ed, and the fellas discuss the discipline that candy teaches.


Episode V

Feeney pens Dameshek’s obituary; Shek tells his X-rated story of The Sea; The Daves debate the worst superhero; and an emotionally powerful Jerk List targets Adam Carolla. Live broadcast via ustream on March 27. Jerk List: Producer Katie, sending condolences via Twitter/Facebook/MySpace, people who declare Lost to be the greatest television show ever, those who hate David Feeney and/or Daves Of Thunder, David Feeney, pious mediaGet out of Jerk Free Card: Dave’s brother in law, Eddie, Tiger WoodsCreeps Of The Week: Adam Carolla, Dan Dratch.


Episode IV

Feeney grapples with his newfound online celebrity; Dameshek offers candidates for ‘Worst Food’. Plus, Jacuzzi Pete reads listener mail, Dameshek tells about his run-in with Stuttering John, Feeney spins another R-rated yarn, and more.

Episode III

Dave Dameshek and Dave Feeney announce the name of their podcast as voted by you and much, much more. First show to have a designated episode number.