Dave Dameshek

Dr. Funny (William) Dave Dameshek is a writer and TV/radio host/analyst at the NFL Network who has covered the sports world for the NFL, ESPN, FOX Sports and CBS Radio for the last 15 years. In addition to his fine work on the DoT podcast, Dameshek hosts the Dave Dameshek Football Program (DDFP) podcast. Prior to his stint as a comedy writer and performer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (where he once famously ate a piece of fruit live, on air, for all the world to see), Dameshek wrote for such “hit” shows as Sports Geniuses, BattleBots, The Man Show, I’m with Busey and Crank Yankers. Dameshek served as Adam Carolla’s sidekick/sports reporter on The Adam Carolla Show, where he was ultimately fired in favor of the wildly talented and more successful Danny Bonaduce. Born on the banks of the Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dameshek and his many, many children now reside in Los Angeles. After matriculating from Indiana University in Bloomington, in 2010 Dameshek was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in the field of mustard by Barry Levenson, founder and curator of┬áthe National Mustard Museum. He is known for his love of sports uniforms and many catchphrases, such as “Hi and hello,” “Let’s cha-cha” and “on acid.” His mission in life? To cut out the noise. Dameshek’s fans are members of the Shek Republic.


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  1. Hi Dave this is a big fan also called Dave (DTV) I’ve listened to you for last 4 years I no not good but was told about this great pod cast by a great friend matt j Robson (listens from start) probably your biggest fan. we both have listened to all early podcast more then once. I have just got 2 Dave’s of thunder tshirt a Finney uni and a shek nation going on a stag do (matt,s) in 2 weeks time and would love a shout out on show and you both to ask him which one he would like to wear (I would like to wear shak nation) but it’s on him. Would be great to hear from you thanks DTV

  2. Hi Dave me again is there any way I could get sighed Dave’s of thunder t shirt for my mate (matt) that I can present to him at his wedding dinner he will love it. Not got other t-shirts yet will send pick when I know what said he chooses. Ps will pay for t shirt and shipping many thanks

  3. Here because of scorpion. I was minding my own business then out of the blue this tour-de-force commands the screen. His name couldn’t hit the credits fast enough so I can imdb him. Down with my Scarface poster, up with a battlebots. GIVE THE ANNOUNCER A SPINOFF!

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