7 Years by Dirty Delic

Originally appeared in Episode XLIX

It’s been 7 years since I heard the Daves
Plugged my headphones in, what a great day

7 years of begging, tweeting,
“Get back together come back and spin gold.”
7 years of complete torment
And Hot Pursuit only got 7 percent
Yesterday was number 63
But it’ll still be a week till I can hear Feeney

Chickita China the Chinese Chicken
Shek’s got bastards and they don’t really love him
Feeney’s got the hots for Shek’s mom
A real turn on
They sang a karaoke song
Jacuzzi Pete did a good job
He was a fat slob
He dropped his phone in the hot tub

Like Jacuzzi Pete I love this country
Respecting moxie
Dial like a phone; rotary
Mo reads Bukowski
Take the bus Sammy,
Okey dokey artichokie
There’s a dunce in Mexico
Best skit was Port-O-Juggies
Ripping off Foxworthy
Shek’s a one trick pony
I’ll put your name in the notebook

How can I help it if I think that Katie’s pretty neat?
Try hard not to smile at coyote feet
I’m the kind of guy that laughs at the mustard lists
Can’t understand what I mean? You missed it.
I have a tendency to hear the shows on repeat
Katie reads at a first grade level

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