Episode LXX

The Daves are back for the entrée portion of episode 70 live from the swank LA restaurant where they enjoy a glorious porterhouse steak, some pasta Bolognese and quite a bit of Rosé. The guys reminisce about the genesis of their relationship as chums in LA including a recounting of the time Dave gave a woman the treatment, a spirited debate on who would win in some theoretical head to head combat, and some 1980s action movie analysis. Luckily they decided not to run out on the bill, which we learn is apparently not a foregone conclusion.

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  1. I love that you retold the “treatment” story…I share that one with my kids. I’m not ashamed to do so either. My daughter knows to be respectful to men she doesn’t find attractive and my son with blue eyes who will probably be good looking, will have to administer this justice on behalf of one of his buddies…God willing.

    For record, my son who I think will be handsome, does NOT look like me. It wasn’t some weird way of complimenting myself. I’m no Brando from Streetcar Named Desire.

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