Episode LXV

Shek and Feeney kibitz about Feeney’s rise in Hollywood- from writing the Reese Witherspoon movie “Hot Pursuit” to making pages for “New Girl” and “The Mick.” The guys then dive into Dameshek’s family situation before he unholsters the blaster for the Creep of the Week. Also, the Daves make offers to caller Mitch to get a DoT tattoo and Feeney presents the next edition of his letters to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

4 Replies to “Episode LXV”

  1. Haven’t heard this weeks show yet, but over the moon that the Daves are still cutting out the noise!!!!!!!!

    More Jacuzzi Thoughts, Doubleton Edition

  2. Still the best! I would happily sell my house and all its contents to support the DoT podcast. Or at least I would buy a t-shirt.

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