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  1. As has been said before the second worst mistake of the last 25 years, nay millennium has been rectified. We can now forget the mess of the Donny cancellation and embrace this glorious new day. Right when we needed them most the Daves are back and in good form. RIP Jacuzzi Pete. Also Blaster Girl? to what end? her black hole of energy and enthusiasm remains in full force. It took the Daves some minutes to get back into the groove of things but after that, vintage Shek and Feeny. More lists, more bits. #takethebussammy

  2. Listening to these two banter, Feeney’s bits, Dameshek’s lists, BG, best show out there.

    I saved all the original episodes and still listen to them.

    Can’t wait for next installment at the farmers market. So great this show didn’t go through the ropes permanently.

  3. Shame the devil, I still can’t believe this is really happening? Don’t ever leave me again, DoT….I don’t know if my heart can take it .

    MORE JACUZZI THOUGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am SO incredibly happy to have DoT back. Always knew I missed the show, but when I heard the intro to this pod it really brought some happy feelings! And when I heard Yubnub song at the end… swoon!

    I may have to relisten to some of the older episodes…. RIP Jacuzzi Pete???? IRL or on the show?

  5. Unbelievable. The Daves are actually back!!
    I didn’t think I’d live to see the day!
    Please dig up my man, Jacuzzi Pete, and why not Doubleton while you’re at it.
    One thing, please lose Kate Levine or whatever her name is. Such a terrible no-talent bore! My God, she was the definitely the Bonaduce of the first 60 episodes — zero acting, reading, improv or producing chops. You guys can do so much better.
    I was so annoyed by the second rate DoT that Shek’s been doing with Corolla. Good Sports? C’mon, such a blatant ripoff of Dot with the sitcom intro and talking about 80s movies, etc. Carolla has a unique comedic mind and used to have potential for greatness but he’s become a horrible xenophobic curmudgeon in his old age. Does he think it’s entertaining to listen to him berate and belittle his staff for 30 min each episode? So damn awkward and unlistenable.
    Anyway, apologies for all of the negativity. DoT is truly the greatest podcast of all time and I’m so grateful for its return!
    Let it begin, okie dokie, speaking of that great day, I gotta take a Mitchell, and so on.
    Lots of love.

  6. Great First Episode Fellows. It Made My Monday!!!! I see you have episode 65 that should tide me over for Tuesday but what about the rest of the week.

  7. Yes! Donovan, BG! The Nurse D! and Feenster’s Union! Yes! I need some *Houston we have a boner* pete! to round out the bases!

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