Episode LXI

Shek and Feeney start the show discussing the groove they’ve gotten into. The gang plays another round of “Let’s Read Dameshek’s Tweets”. Feeney recalls the time Penny Marshall was hitting on him. The guys also recall their favorite moments from Laverne & Shirley. Shek talks about going on Carolla’s show, and he and Jacuzzi Pete try to figure out why Feeney didn’t join. The guys also listen to a new fan submitted song, discuss last week’s Okie Dokies, and try to decide what the back of their t-shirt should say. On today’s show, special guest and “beer scholar” Ian Cheesman joins the program. He’s a beer critic for TheSmokingJacket.com, and he reached out to JP to get the guys’ thoughts on different types of brew. The guys discuss the “epidemic of beer snobbery” and reflect on their favorite times getting drunk. Feeney recites a Bukowski poem from memory, and wrapping things up, Shek gives his evaluations of the Sierra Nevada line.


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