Episode LIII

Tensions are once again high in the studio, and Dameshek fears mutiny is afoot because of the Feenster’s Union. Feeney fights back, catching up with Dameshek on his NFL Network gig and dishing more dirt on The Ed. Jacuzzi Pete is also close by, mentioning that the last episode was the most devisive in DOT History. Dameshek also gets a lot off his chest; dealing with the hate mail, arguing about the origins of the show, and pulling down his trousers to expose himself to the world. The guys talk more about the fanbase reaction to last week’s lack of an episode, and try to determine how to proceed from here.The shows will continue coming, so prepare yourself for exciting new installments of the Daves of Thunder Players, and probably a list or two. The Daves talk Thanksgiving plans, and thank all the monkeys / BTLs for their support.

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