Jacuzzi Pete

Peter Fowkes, better known to DoT listeners as “Jacuzzi Pete,” was the producer of episodes 1 through 63 of the podcast. Pete was taken from us too soon in a tragic ice cream truck accident. He is survived by his wife Nancy and his two children. You can support them in their time of need by buying one of his books. “JP,” as he was commonly alluded to by the podcast’s hosts, is oft-referenced for his string of drunken, mean-spirited, Mohamed Atta-laden tweets sent to sidekick David Feeney at all hours of the night from both New York hotel rooms and his personal Jacuzzi, where he was known to wash his genital region, Smelly Savalas. Pete is, perhaps, best known for storming out of the Carolla studio after suffering a barrage of fat jokes at the hands of Dameshek and Feeney, who noted that his wife, Nancy, and mother-in-law washed him with “rags on sticks,” pointing out that they likely “missed a fold” in the cleaning process. (Suspiciously, Pete’s CV does not include the Daves of Thunder podcast.) The ghost of JP now haunts the DoT studios, whose moans have been mistaken for hunger pangs.

Peter Fowkes

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  1. Say what you want about JP, his idea to put vegetables in a sealed Ziplock bag and cook them in his Jacuzzi is pure genius-level stuff.

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