David Feeney

David and Feeney is a writer and producer who has been toiling in the entertainment industry since 1997, the same year Princess Diana died. (I’m not saying there’s any connection, but I’m not not saying it, either.) In addition to serving as Dave Dameshek’s sidekick on the DoT podcast, Feeney wrote the 2015 Reese Witherspon/Sofia Vergara New Line Cinema “hit” Hot Pursuit, which scored a whopping 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. Earlier in his career, Feeney famously wrote for jackass Jim Belushi, the mensch who stole Feeney’s Vaseline bit when throwing out the first pitch at Chavez Ravine, on According to Jim. Additionally, he wrote for such dynamite programs as 2 Broke Girls, Ben and Kate, Bette and the wildly obscure Big Wolf on Campus. Feeney now serves as the writer and executive producer of Fox’s New Girl. After several unsuccessful passes at DoT’s own Blaster Girl, Feeney settled for “the love of [his] life,” Jennifer, who barely tolerates his presences and oft asks him to sleep on the couch. Feeney is best known for his Charles Bukowski impressions, his poetry (“Twice, She Said” and “Advice From a Friend), his famed karaoke duet with Mo Dameshek, and his collections of strange text messages from former DoT producer Jacuzzi Pete (RIP). Feeney’s fans are members of the Feenster’s Union.


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  1. Who the F*** is ‘Dave Feeney’ ??
    ok, if you’re half as Dave as Damashek..
    i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    -Dave from Australia

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