Blaster Girl

Katie Levine, popularly known as Blaster Girl, is a producer on the DoT podcast. She also does production work for other shows on the ACE Broadcasting Network. She is a frequent on-air contributor to DoT, whether it’s reading listener e-mails, going on audio blind dates with Tim, throwing herself at David Feeney, making fun of Dameshek, smoking tree, or polishing her big toe. Levine served as the Head of Podcast Productions at the Neridst Network for seven years before realizing Hardwick was a total creep whose only real love is talking about those stupid zombies. Levine attended California State University, where she presumably earned a degree in Surfing. She recently ripped her “heroes” Dameshek and Feeney from nose to tail following her month-long suspension from the podcast due to adulteress-like activity. Additionally, Levine is a lover of both dogs and drugs.




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